New Ask A Chola Facebook Fan Page

Chola's Facebook profile got disabled and here is her new fan page ->

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Radio Chola Miercoles Wednesday 7:30-10pm PST on KillRadio.Org

Ask A Chola is now part of the Kill Radio Collective.

::::::::::::: Radio Chola :::::::::::::
Miercoles Wednesdays 7:30-10pm
listen through

Add radiochola at hotmail dot com to communicate live with Chola during the show on MSN! Or email radiochola at gmail dot com for requests/comments/shout outs/dedications/whatever! Call 213.252.0998.

UPDATE AUGUST 2010: Radio Chola is currently on hiatus. Add Chola on Facebook to get her choice selection of music.

053 Is Ask A Chola real?

In this video I address the following message I received from a Myspace friend: "Chola, are you real?". It is this notion of "reality" that I explore in this video. Is Chola real or fake? Reality or a simulacrum? A chola or the representation of a chola? Is Chola a copy of the real or has Chola become the truth in her own right: the hyperreal? And if Chola is not "real", is she better than the real thing? (music "Celofán" courtesy of Latinsizer)

YouTube link:

052 Ask A Chola At Comic Con 2008 San Diego

Ask A Chola at Comic Con in San Diego 2008!

Santa Ana vs. Santana :: Orange County, California

Which one is la verdadera Santana???? You decide which one you like better, Santa Ana o SANTANA!!!!! OC 714 motherfuckers.

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